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About Us

We are a reformed evangelical congregation worshipping the Triune God.

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We are located in the heart of Cary in the Commonwealth office park, right behind Goodberry’s and the Hibernian Restaurant.

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Why Study the Catechism?

Why are we studying the Heidelberg Catechism, and why is this important? Why do we need catechesis (the study of the basic principles of the Christian faith)? Read more

Studying the Catechism

This coming Wednesday evening, we plan to begin a weekly study on the The Heidelberg Catechism. This document is one of the confessional statements Christ Church subscribes to and is a representation of the things we hold in common and believe together. It was written in the mid-1500′s by the German Reformer Zacharias Ursinus and is one of the clearest summaries of Reformed thought and faith available to us today. Read more

Upcoming Events

Good Friday Service

April 18, 2014 6:00 pm

The Aroma of Worship – Duane Garner

Before Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, he has dinner in the house of his friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. In the course of the evening, Mary, as an act of worship and devotion, anoints Jesus with an incredibly expensive ointment. Read more

Respectable Sins: Judgmentalism – Duane Garner

This little saying in the Sermon on the Mount – “Judge not…” – may be the most misquoted, mishandled, misappropriated, misunderstood text in the whole Bible. It may also be the most familiar Bible verse to people who have never read the Bible, and the one that they are most willing to present in an argument. Read more

From Jerusalem to Rome – Duane Garner

In this final lesson on the book of Acts we see a description of Paul’s situation that is not entirely different from our own as Christians in the modernized Western world. Paul has all kinds of freedom to work and teach and preach and while there is opposition coming, Read more